The renovation project to bring the clubhouse back to life continues to make great strides and is now in full use and a real asset to the club and supporters.

The new flooring, extended bar area and roofing is  completed and will provide the club and fans with a great new matchday experience and allow for private events and bookings to take place.

None of this could have been accomplished without the hard work and efforts of so many people, from the amazing team of contractors who have built the clubhouse up from a shell, to those who have helped to paint, clean and set up the new areas.

A massive thank you to everyone involved and we hope you all enjoy the new facility.  We look forward to sharing some photos of the finished project but for now you can see some ‘before’,  ‘during’ and ‘after’ photos which we hope give you a sense of scale of the work carried out.

‘Before’ photos showing the clubhouse well before work started last year.

The work to strip out the flooring, sub-structure and roof began.

The new bar area, roofing, windows and doors are in place and the decorating and flooring was then able to take place.

We are now pleased to host a whole range of functions from birthdays, charity events to simply getting some friends together for a great nigth at the Wanderers new clubhouse.

For further details on how to book an event please contact